New Holland LS180

New Holland 180 sale

Description of the loader and its unique features New Holland LS180

The New Holland LS180 Skid Steer loaders, made in the USA, are the optimal solution in the tight conditions of small warehouses, when the use of “full scale” equipment is difficult or impossible. Skid steer loaders are easy to operate and maintain, and no special training of personnel is required to operate.

New Holland LS180 skid steers are different:

  • High power
  • exceptional operating efficiency
  • simple and safe maintenance
  • good maneuverability
  • low weight and additional quick-change devices
New Holland LS180

The New Holland LS180.B Side Swing Loader combines high lift and transport characteristics with impressive power.

Being at the forefront of the most productive and flexible machines of this class in the world, New Holland loaders can carry a wide variety of quickly replaceable tools and devices. Safe and comfortable, with excellent maneuverability and very easy to maintain, the loaders carry out all kinds of jobs reliably on a daily basis.

New Holland LS180

New Holland 180 Skid Steer
  • New Holland LS180 .B
  • New Holland 180
  • New Holland 180 Skid Steer
  • New Holland LS180.B Skid Steer Loader 2 Speed


I have a LS180 from year 03, and I’m very happy with it, but I’ve been told that a 250 bobcat would eat it alive, that’s hard for me to believe, my loader is STRONG. I have never found anything that comes close to it, but I have limited the use of other brands.

Last month a man left his LS180 in the shop for various reasons, one of them blue smoke and lack of power – he needed a turbo. To check – he removes the trunk that runs from the rear of the turbo to the intake manifold and looks to see if it is soaked in oil residue. He removes the front hose and pulls / turns the wheel to see if there is a lot of play. Less common, but possible – oil can leak into the exhaust manifold from the turbo. The dealership wanted about $ 1,300 for it, but there is a tractor parts store in Ontario, Canada that can ship one over $ 700.

I bought a used New Holland LS180 a few weeks ago with 1540 hours. I started using it last week and ran into a couple of issues, the bucket cylinders had to be rebuilt and a hydraulic line broke on site adding delay to my project. After fixing all these problems on the spot, another problem arose.

New Holland 180 Skid Steer Loader
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