Any good feedback on New Holland LS180

New Holland LS180 Problems

I stopped by the New Holland LS180 dealership yesterday and they had the LS180 in stock. I loved it. Does anyone have one? The guy told me that this model is perfect for snow removal and for landscaping and grading. Any opinion on them. I really want to make a purchase on a skid steer this spring. I also like john deeres but I haven’t researched them. Thanks guys!

New Holland LS180 2

I can say that I have an New Holland LS 180, and I absolutely love it to death. I wish I had gotten a bigger unit, but it is what it is. I can load and unload my nursery stock, easily load the f 700 and f 800 dump trucks, stack stone, topsoil, mulch, bulk salt, etc. You can [pick up the back of my f450 with the salteria loaded (enough to move it when I’m lazy to get out of the skidsteer and into the truck and back to the skidsteer, pile the snow about 10 ‘, drive my harley rake without Problem, I have a rock cube that I use to sort material etc. Overall I love the machine. If I could justify it (other than wanting a new toy) I would buy another in a heartbeat, but this time I would go around 190, simply because I like big toys.

Unless New Holland has made updates to the machine in the last year or so, it is an antiquity compared to more modern machines. My friend has a 190 and I have used it, I don’t like it at all.

The safety interlock system is very difficult to use, the drive motors are SUPER loud and will lift a 4 item bucket only 3/4 in height. The controls are stiff and uncomfortable, there is only a hand throttle, and there is no pedal.

I would look for machines with pilot controls, they are much easier to operate. Bobcat, Case and Cat offer them. Once you operate a machine with pilot controls, it will be difficult to return to the standard controls.

That’s great. The place I went to the other day (payline west) had about ten 185Bs in stock. And man are they NICE! The New Holland told me it is the most widely used skid steer loader. With the case of being the second. The kind of price to me for $ 31,400 + tax.
I have to sell my ford and bronco plow truck and boats first and get a good down payment. The dealer also told me if I am going to do the snow removal, to get the 2 speed!

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