If you have run both a New Holland LS180 and Bobcat SkidSteer, Which do you like better? Problem to choose

New Holland LS180 and Bobcat SkidSteer Problems

I’m looking into getting a slightly larger skid steer loader. I currently have an NH LS180 and have been looking at the L185 and L190 but have also found a Bobcat S300 with few hours of use and I was expecting feedback from people who have used both.

New Holland LS180 and Bobcat SkidSteer. How to choose

I had a NH LS170 and now I have a Bobcat S175 and I am planning to buy another LS170. I also have an NH LS140 and a Bobcat S100. The new Hollands have been more reliable, have smarter hose and tube routing, and the auxiliary hydraulic linkages don’t stick out. Service is better in NH. That cross-mounted motor is great until you need to work on the rear. Raising the cab is not enough for accessibility.

I have a NH LS 190. Does the local town have a new Bobcat S650? that they rented for the year. I’ve driven it when we’ve been working at the fire station. It rides a lot harder than my New Holland. For the hours that they have put it they have had several problems. Nothing great, but still the downtime. It has a cabin and heating. I wish mine had that on days like today.

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