New Holland L180 skid loader

New Holland L180 skid loader Problems

Hopefully there are some experienced bosch technicians floating around here. My tractor is New Holland L180

I have had an injection pump rebuilt by my local dealer. We have been using it for years without incident. The loader ran for 1 hour and stopped … They brought it back to us and gave us the problem that the injection pump was not pumping fuel again.

So again we removed it and shipped it there and they said the injection pump had a broken drive shaft and cross disc … They said the cause of the failure was due to a restriction on the high pressure side of the fuel system. fuel. In other words, a clogged injector or a clogged injection line … they asked to see the injectors so we took them apart and shipped them there and they said the nozzles were showing signs of exposure to higher than normal temperatures. 2 injectors were 40 bar below minimum specification and the other injector was clogged.

The first failure was due to ingress of water and the second failure of the drive shaft after 1 hour of use after a rebuild. Has anyone heard of this?

Thanks for reading and any help will be appreciated

New Holland L180 skid loader 2

I don’t know if I can help. The last time I messed with the New Holland L180 system was 40 years ago BUT. I have messed with the cummins HP system and the Mercedes HP system on the medium and heavy duty systems. First of all His problem came from water pollution. Water in the ‘very’ close tolerances in the bosh system is a no-no.

The plungers when I built them we were not allowed to have our bare fingers touch the plungers / bushings because the temperature of our fingers could make installation difficult. Water also causes scratches in any fuel system due to lack of lubrication. In the case of off-road vehicles, the fuel tanks are not always free of water or foreign materials. I’m trying to be polite here too. I spent many years working in the field service, so I have a bit of experience.

So in your case, install new nozzles, make sure the hp lines are “clean” and have no kinks / restrictions. If you are unsure of the condition of the fuel line these can be expensive to inspect carefully. Do what is necessary with the injection pump. AND INSTALL A FILTER BEFORE THE INJECTION SYSTEM to remove contaminants from the fuel system. I personally liked the ‘Davco’ filter because you could see when the filter needed service and it was used on the suction side before the lift pump.

Notice that I said contaminants ,,,,, foreign materials [such as dirt / sand], clogging the filters and marking the CV pump bushings and nozzles. Remember that the hp pressure is greater than 25k pounds of pressure to open the nozzles. Good luck.

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