New Holland LS 180 electrical problems

New Holland LS 180 electrical problems Problems

I have a year 02 NH LS 180 skid steer loader. I recently had to rebuild one of the power steering pumps and since the machine came back from the shop it has been a nightmare. Except for the voltmeter, none of the digital readings are registering and I am getting an F03 error code.

The guy who fixed the machine said one of the pump’s pressure sensors was bad, so he removed both and “bypassed” them. I took both sensors to the dealership to have them tested and they both turned out good. When I put them back on the machine the foot controls were locked out.

One time the machine starts up fine and the next one acts like the battery is too weak to crank the engine fast enough to start. The mechanic who fixed the pump has been of no help. Any ideas?

New Holland LS 180 electrical part

We also have problems with the battery charge in our ls180, and it has been difficult to start it. Putting new cables (the originals were scrapped) helped a lot, but it still won’t start. I guess a ground problem somewhere, or something with the seat / seat belt. I can’t help with the codes, but one has to wonder what the mechanic actually did. Maybe he ‘bypass’ some other sensors so I could work on it (seat / seat belt sensors come to mind). Definitely some electric gremlins on these platforms, and I hate electric gremlins. I’m sorry I’m not helping.

We’ve had a couple of random electrical issues with our NHs similar to that one. We take out the key, disconnect the battery and let it rest for 10 minutes. We reconnected the battery and it was good to go. I’m not saying it works, but he has done it a couple of times for us. Also didn’t know they had pressure sensors on the pump. I know there is a sensor in the charge pressure circuit.

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