New Holland LS 180 – fuel problems – What’s bad

New Holland - fuel problems - What's bad Problems

I have a 2006 New Holland LS180. I put it in gear yesterday morning and turned it off. Came back 5 minutes later – Engine starts but won’t start. I called two friends who changed the fuel filter (it looked like crap, there was water in the bottom of the container too).

They put a gas rag over the air filter, it started but died after the gas dried up. The fuel lines were purged several times, each time there were air bubbles. The fuel filter canister had a leak after we replaced the filter, they used one of the temporary bypass gadgets (there is no filter in this gadget).

One of the guys blew air from the fuel filter housing into the tank, the tractor ran for a few seconds and then died. The guys (both diesel mechanics on big rigs) said there wasn’t enough pressure in the fuel line. The pump that sucks the fuel from the tank, has tripped is your best guess. We changed the 5/16 fuel hose just to eliminate the possibility of the hose collapsing – that didn’t help. We tried putting the hose in a 5 gallon can and sucking the fuel out of the 5 gallon can – that didn’t help.

There was no jet of fuel at the end of the lines. Before you start buying parts (fuel hose, fuel filter assembly rebuild kit, fuel pump), is there any other reason the tractor won’t start? Is it correct to think that the fuel pump is the only cause? Does anyone know the part number of the fuel pump? Is it the same as the injector pump or are they two separate parts?
Thanks for any help.

New Holland 180 - fuel problems - What's bad

My opinion is that it still needs bleeding. A little air will give you a lot of trouble in my experience.

I have changed the fuel pump and repaired the filter box. Fuel squirts out of the bleed screw near the four metal fuel lines to the cylinder, but if I break the metal fuel line it doesn’t squirt, it just drips slowly. Is this how it should be? I thought there was a jet coming all the way down the line to the combustion chamber.

More pressure than the flow from the pump to the injectors, so seeing a drip is not all it says, and a little air in the lines will actually cause a lotsa probs. My last problem was with the fuel cut solenoid on the pump which was not energized by the ignition switch. I fixed the cable before trying to purge. (Ugh!) I would never bypass the filter.

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