New Holland LS 180 help please

New holland L180 help please Problems

Good morning, I have a New Holland LS180 of 2005. The EIC panel shows Setup and does not let me release the brake to work the hydraulic system. The functions of the charger work all and I think it’s just because I have bridged the solanoids a couple of years ago when they were acting. When I move around the options in the EIC, is there any way for the hydraulic system to be unlocked?

There is no password on this machine that you have used in the last three years. I have read that these plates fail often, I would only like to confirm that it is the plate before spending $ 800. Also, when removing the key of the machine flashes setup for a few seconds and then turns off and returns to blink Set Up for a few seconds. Does that mean something?

I suppose my safety belt works because the machine can not be started if it is not fastened. Thank you very much beforehand and please let me know what other useful information is necessary

New Holland LS 180 help please

Disconnect the battery? If you did it and the problem was not solved, it sounds like a problem of the board. To move from normal operation to the configuration mode you have to hold a button on the dashboard (I think any button) with the shutdown key and you outside the seat. So you possibly have a problem with the board where the contact is constantly closed, which makes it go to the configuration mode.

For your information, in my opinion I have seen a lot of electrical problems, which are derived from other electrical problems caused by people bypass / short circuit / piracy sensors, solenoids and switches. Replace the parts and put the system back to the factory

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, I still can not get the control panel to leave the Setup mode. I’m going to start calling around tomorrow and see if I can get my reconstructed computer board or one-used one source. I hate spending the $ 800 in something I’m not sure. Thanks for the recommendations and I am open to any other suggestion.

You are right on the board, however there is a difference in the electrical system since the service switch was removed in the L100 series. It is more difficult to diagnose a problem if you do not have the correct model and in the case of the L100 series also the year as they used a different motor and electrical system in the L100 models after the previous L100 models.

Hello guys, I have asked for a new EIC to Allstate but I have sent me the LX model plate. Meanwhile, I opened my board and found a short circuit burned on the edge of the board. Please, keep in mind that my load pressure lights, oil pressure and engine air restriction are all lit when you start the machine. Please, let me know your thoughts and I’m going to ask for a new board on Monday.

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