New Holland LS170 and LS180 owners

New Holland LS170 and LS180 owners Problems

Hello, I am looking for a skid steer loader for the maintenance of the tracks around our property. The New Hollands interest me because of its stability on steep terrain. One of our neighbors has an LS170 that I have rented and enjoyed driving. However, a little more size and power would come in handy at times. I have read here that the 180 is loud to drive and is much heavier on fuel. Are there any other issues to be aware of in any of them? Who makes the 180 engine? Are parts difficult to find and repair? Would you recommend 170 over New Holland LS180 for some reason?

New Holland LS170 and LS180 owners part2

I would go with the LS185.b or newer. I have a ’05 and am satisfied with it. It has a lot of power. The engine is loud but you get used to it or wear hearing protection. I had an New Holland LS180 and it was returned by NH for being so loud.

Well, I can’t vouch for the 180. But I have a 170 and I love the machine. I have a brush claw, a 5 foot brush cutter, bobby pins, a smooth bucket, and a tooth bucket. For general farm work i.e. road maintenance, hay moving, cleaning etc, it has served me well and I can’t think of a time when I needed more power. It is very stable on steep terrain, in fact it will work on terrain that I am too afraid to put it on. Spare parts are easily available online at messick. I hope this helps!

I have had an ls170 for a year now, and I am quite satisfied with it. It has on the rubber tracks of the tires. They have a smooth bucket, a rock bucket, and a set of forks for it. I still have an old hydramac. love the old oil leak as well, but had it for 16 years. the ls170 seems to have less torque than the hydramac, but the lift is big with good reach.

This summer I bought a volvo tandem and it could use a little extra lift. the old hydromac has more than enough elevation but does not reach. I have no idea how much bigger the New Holland LS180 is, but bigger is usually not a problem. Buy what you can find or afford. I was considering a john deere 280 to replace the old hydramac, but have changed my mind and am working on a deal on a komatsu wheel loader.

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