New Holland LS180 engine problem again

New Holland LS180 engine problem again Problems

I have a 2001 New Holland LS180, I went to start it on Thursday and it starts fine but when it gets hot it runs poorly until it stops.After it cools down, it starts up again for about 5 minutes and then shuts down.No codes appear on the panel.It has a new fuel pump and filter for about 50 hours.Anyone have an idea what happens.

New Holland LS180 engine problem again 2

I would change the fuel filters if it was me. It just takes a bad fill to stop everything. You may have a primary filter and a secondary filter. If so, change both and I bet the problem goes away. You may have to drain thefuel tank too. It may be full of problems too.

Most of the time when diesels are running fine and they suddenly switch over, it is fuel related. Primary or secondary filters or fuel lines. Glad it was all I needed.

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