New Holland LS180 issues

New Holland LS180 issues Problems

A few weeks ago I bought a used New Holland LS180 with 1540 hours. I started using it last week and ran into a couple of issues, the bucket cylinders had to be rebuilt and a hydraulic line broke on site adding delay to my project. After fixing all these problems on the spot, another problem arose. The machine does not have any power, it seems that it is missing one or two cylinders and it also exhales a lot of blue smoke. It is a turbo machine and it was working fine until the end of the day. I have cleaned the air filter making sure it was not clogged but have not touched the fuel filter yet. I prefer not to spend before consulting someone who has had the same problems or who knows more about these types of problems. The bucket also leans down and cannot hold position yet the arm stays up. Any useful information is welcome.

New Holland LS180 issues

I don’t know if replacing the fuel filter is costly. Usually when I buy something second hand, I replace all the filters and all the fluids. Your problem could be many things. I would replace the fuel filter as it is the cheapest solution, but it could be an injector or pump problem, or a turbo has gone bad.

Last month, a guy left his LS180 in the shop for various reasons, one of them blue smoke and a lack of power: he needed a turbo. To check, he removes the boot that goes from the rear of the turbo to the intake manifold and looks to see if it is soaked in oil residue. He removes the front hose and pulls / turns the wheel to see if there is a lot of play. Less common, but possible – oil can leak into the exhaust manifold from the turbo. The dealership wanted about $ 1,300 for it, but there is a tractor parts store in Ontario, Canada that can ship one for the top 700.

If the fuel filter was not $ 415 then I would not say anything, however it was discovered that it was a bad fuel line causing problems costing $ 71 ….

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