New Holland LS180- NEED HELP ASAP

New Holland LS180- NEED HELP ASAP Problems

I wanted to say hello to everyone. I’m new to this so here goes: I bought my first new holland a year ago, so far I love it. I have an New Holland LS180 and I was doing a concrete demo and it suddenly stopped going forward or backward, but the boom works fine go up and dn with no problem. The truth is that the same cannot be said for the LS180 as for the LS180, but the boom works well, it goes up and down without problems. I need help!!!

New Holland LS180- NEED HELP

Looks like the charging pump of New Holland LS180 has gone bad. The hydraulics warning light comes on on the dash when the engine is running. It is the red light with the symbol of a gear and will shut off the engine in 30 seconds if it loses charge pressure. The head pressure pump is on the right hydrostat pump.

If you are looking at the front it is the pump on the left or the one without the hydraulic pump attached to it. I would think that if you had an oil supply problem there would be oil at the bottom of the transmission area unless the reservoir is dry. Since the hydraulic system appears to be working, there is oil in the reservoir. To repair you will need to remove the hydrastate pump. It’s not as hard as it looks.

It sounds like the charge pump has gone bad. It is contained in the RH servo pump. Normally when it breaks the shaft, the two ring gears, and at least one housing are carried. The last couple we fixed in the shop took the shaft, the charge pump gears, and the two housings the gears mate against, we ended up replacing the entire pump for a few hundred dollars more than the parts and the labor to rebuild the pump.

It is relatively easy to remove the pump, but I would recommend that someone who is familiar with pumps disassemble and rebuild once they have it out. It also wouldn’t hurt to take a good look at the motor mount while you have the pump out. If there is any doubt that it will break, change it. If it is too far, it will allow the LH servo pump servo to bottom out on the frame.

On an NH LS180, once the machine is running, it will move without the safety being engaged. The boom will not work unless the locks are working, but the drives will work. A sudden stop tells me that the charging pump has broken. If it were an oil aeration, the engines and boom would slowly stop working. The safety switches only control the starting circuit and the operation of the boom and bucket. On a New Holland the safety switches did not begin to control the parking brakes until the New Holland LS 180.B models in 2004.

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