New Holland LS180 problem. Creep

New Holland LS180 Creep part Problems

I just bought a 2001 New Holland Ls180 SS. I think it seems to be in decent shape with 2080 hours on it. A couple of bad things that I am trying to take care of and if anyone has any ideas please share. It belonged to a water well drilling service and was full of sandy oily mud.

I removed all the bottom access panels, fenders, and raised the seat and pressure wash for a solid three hours. The first thing to address, the parking brake. It did not work at all. I looked at the owner’s guide, it looked and sounded pretty easy to adjust.

Photos lie. The problem, as most of you probably already know, is that everything is so stuck in an SS that there is not much room to work. I started with the left side (if you were sitting in the seat). How do you get to these parts?

My hands don’t fit. Ah, pull out the control handle, easy enough. Once this is done I find MORE MUD. Adjusting the brake was pretty easy. About 2 hours for the left side from taking the control hand out to putting it back on.

Now the right side, I guess about half the time now that I know what I’m doing, Wrong! The right side is a bit more complicated, the mechanics are all in the back (opposite the left) there is less space there and the final brake lever has to come forward instead of backwards which makes it more difficult to insert. the sausage fingers there but it can be done and now I have park brakes.

A piece of wood placed from the cockpit opening to the transmission assembly gives you a place to lie down and be able to work.

This is what I named the post for and am looking for advice. I have the owner’s manual but not a service manual. The problem is that when you release the controls and the machine is supposed to go into neutral and stop, it doesn’t. It continues to move very slowly and you have to play with the handles very slowly to make it stop. Hope this is just an adjustment.

Also this machine has the two speeds that I did not until I received it at home and was checking it. I don’t think the seller knew either. The two speed drive spring is broken so not working at the moment I ordered a new one (65.00) hope it works after putting it in I tried to adjust the creep on my skid steer on Saturday and had no luck .

From what I can tell everything seems to be in the correct setting. The controls seem very responsive even though I have never driven a New Holland before. When fully advanced, it scrolls perfectly, while when fully retracted, the right side wins to the right.

I can live with that. However, the wheel slip when I stop is quite annoying, it is difficult to stay straight when it comes to working slowly.

Example: I was loading a pair of forks into the back of a pickup and to go straight and stop when you get to the back door you have to keep moving the handles to try to get it to stop completely. someone will be able to give me some advice or insight on what to do.

New Holland LS180 Creep

I have a New Holland LS180 that now does the same. When I bought it in 2004, and less than 1000 hours ago, it was not crawling. Now it does. I use mine for technical work in my repair shop (motor removal / installation etc) and it is a real problem. The temperature doesn’t seem to make much of a difference.

I can get out of it with him standing and he will soon start crawling (both sides). All settings are in order. The best I can feel is something on the hystat control valve. In the absence of entering it without a clear direction, I have adjusted the parking brakes to work well and depend on them to keep it stopped when necessary.

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