New Holland LS180 problem. Drive pump or drive motor?

New Holland LS180 problem. Drive pump Problems

I recently picked up a ’04 ls180 with just under 4000 hours, very clean and running fine. when cold and first start the machine, then try to move wants to stall, like a heavy load on the engine. but once it warms up a bit, it runs fine. just warm up … here’s the problem. when I move the levers on the machine it wants to lunge quickly forward (or backward). it is difficult to control or do anything precise. as the drive motors engage too fast?

Once it moves forward or backward, okay, it doesn’t move, it glides, nothing weird, it’s just that initial push where it almost takes off too fast. sometimes it seems to be less jerky if I try to take off with the right side than with the left, it still takes off fast.

The machine is not bad at all compared to other machines I have used. When the machine has been running for a while, the left side (which seems to be more of a problem than the right) seems to be weak, it doesn’t even want to move all the time, unless you return the lever to neutral and go forward again.

But on the other hand I remember the other day while digging in a pile of dirt the left side kept spinning and even stalled the engine b / c like I said before all I did was release the lever and not really pull back to neutral. so maybe once it’s hot it gets worse?

It also seems not to have as much power in forward, backward it seems fine. I don’t have a lot of time on this machine, but I have a lot of dirt to move with it in the next few weeks. I want it to work 100%, I know I’m not used to it being new to me, but there is something that doesn’t seem right to me.

I’ve been driving skid steers my whole life, I used to own an L785 and LX865 over 10 years ago. This machine has a strange feel to it. again the engine works very well. again I understand that it is old and has a lot of hours on it, and it will not work like a new one. any help is appreciated, before you go to the dealer for a big repair bill … 🙁 or just live with it …

New Holland LS180 problem. Drive motor

Do you have a two speed system? If so, I have had issues with the shift linkage disengaging or coming loose causing control issues. The pump has the entire control mechanism in it. There is a return to center valve that works on the swashplate angle control valve lever that may not be working to return it to center.

The control handle operates a lever that moves a valve that then controls the swashplate angle with a built-in cylinder. You may not be moving the platter smoothly, causing the jerky action.

Look on the New Holland website and see the parts page. There is a complete breakdown of the pumps that will give you a better idea of ​​what you are dealing with. I have worked on two machines several times and the problems have always been the pumps, the controls, or one, the two-speed control that is external.

Forward should work just as well as reverse as it is simply a matter of changing the oil path and flow direction between the pump and the motor. You can also have a problem of the load pump that is a Gerotor pump located on one of the pumps (I do not remember what) that does not maintain the system loaded and pressurized. The loading problem may be in the parking brake setting since They are screwed when they are turned to hold a set of plates in the engines. A small pressure by an incorrect fit can make you self-apply and blocked.

First, the load pump is on the drive pump on the right side. Of all the problems I have fixed on both I have worked, the engines have not been a problem. The pumps are really easy to work, just difficult to remove (tilt the loader on (use another Skidder: D)). I have had to fix the control mechanism in both.

The last thing was that by having the engine outside by the crankshaft break, a pin of the control lever had broken, leaving the operator without control. If I do not remember badly, one had the heated key on the Gerotor’s cargo pump and held in the past, he may have had some of the same symptoms.

The hydrostatic system could function as a closed system, but to provide some leakage for refrigeration, lubrication and anticavitation, use a load pump. I do not know what pressure should work but it will not be very high (others here can know). The pumps and engines are Eaton. While the control links are tight, the adjustment will not matter too much for the tests.

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