New Holland LS180 problem: fault code 4

New Holland LS180 fault code 4 Problems

I’m hoping for some help on my 2001 new holland LS 180. It won’t start right now (no power to start). When I put it in service mode I get a fault code 4 which is fuel silonoid. I went to the dealership and asked him if he really needed a new one and he told me it was probably a loose connection. (I’ve checked all the fuses, battery power, pulled and reset the connectors, but still nothing. Any ideas?

New Holland LS180 fault code 4

Have you made the diagnosis in the eic? The dealer will give you an electrical wiring diagram. I have seen messages from machines with this problem caused by a diode by the fuse panel in the engine bay or service / run switch or starter interlock relay. really need to follow the power to see where it stops. Ask the dealer if it is wired the same as the 170 or 160 there might be more people able to help.

I don’t really know anything, I just got mine last fall with problems right away. Haven’t you got it working since you changed the filters? When the key is turned on you should hear the fuel pump running, if it does then turn the service / run switch to service loosen the bleed screw located on the injector pump behind the lines and Turn the key and allow the pump to run until a stream of clear fuel comes to tighten the screw and when it runs any other air is bled.

This is on page 4-15 of the Operators Manual if you have it. Fuel pump fuse is 5 amps I think it is in the engine bay box. purple orange wire seems to feed the fuel pump. let me know if any of this helps please. I remember reading that this is supposed to be a self-priming system, so first turn on the key and wait a couple of minutes and then give it a try.

Check the connections at the starter motor. I had a similar problem with my LS170. I have moved the cables on the starter post, they seemed tight but now the charger starts. I ended up taking out the cables and the starter, cleaning all the connections with a wire brush on a dremel, and reassembling it. It worked fine for a couple of starts, then the solinoid shut down. I replaced the starter and everything seems to work fine now.

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