New Holland LS180 Starting issues

New Holland LS180 Starting issues Problems

My New Holland LS180 got a new battery a month ago. When the key is inserted into the switch, the lights come on. But when the key is turned to the on position the lights do not appear on the dash. Here is a video of me explaining my problem.

New Holland LS180 Starting problems

The first thing to check is all the fuses in the cab and engine compartment. With the key in the “off” position, and you sit on the seat, the dashboard lights should come on.If so, the seat switch is fine.When connecting the seat belt, the seat belt light should go off.If not, you have a problem with the seat belt switch.

These switches and the frayed wiring to them are a common problem – Do you have any error codes?There is a service switch under the panel on the right side above your head.

You will need a service manual in order to troubleshoot the system.I see a service manual on CD for $ 16 on ebay.You can study it on your computer and print the pages to bring it to the LS180 and delve into it.

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