NH Skid Steer LS180 Starter Solenoid keeps running after turned Off

NH Skid Steer LS180 Starter Solenoid Problems

I have a 2002 New Holland LS180 skid steer loader in which the starter solenoid keeps cranking after I turn off the switch after trying to start it. Then I have to quickly disconnect the battery as it starts to fry the positive battery terminal. I suspect that one of the relays mounted on the firewall is bad. I had the dealer order one last year and replaced it. I suspect they sold me the wrong one as there are two relays on the fire wall. Any suggestion?

NH Skid Steer LS180 Starter Solenoid 2

Second … do you do it whether the tractor starts or not?
If so, then I agree that you probably have a bad relay (I’m not familiar enough with this tractor, specifically, to help identify which one, but … I would start with the starter solenoid itself, on my tractors ). Of course … it could be a bad switch, too …
If it’s only after the tractor starts … well … I’d probably go for the solenoid.

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