Purchasing a used New Holland LS180

Purchasing a used New Holland LS180 Problems

We, my family should say, have a commercial construction business and I am looking to purchase a used skid steer to help move materials on job sites. I’ve used bobcats, case, john deere, and cats before, but never a New Holland LS180. My understanding is that new hollands have the best overall balance and lift capacity, along with smooth turning ability.

The material that I am going to move is usually in boxes and can weigh up to 2,000-2500 pounds. I have tested several LS180s in the 2000 year range and have noticed a loud moan while driving them. Is that typical of older New Holland LS180? I’ve noticed that on a few other brands as well, but it didn’t seem that strong … again, it’s been a while since I’ve driven any of the other brands.

Purchasing a used New Holland LS180 2

I have never driven a 180 but it must be very stable with a 2500 pound load.

I cannot comment on the noise.

NH generally uses a longer wheelbase than many other manufacturers and that makes for a smoother ride on rough terrain. They also tend to have more weight in the front so you can drive up the steepest hills without a load in the front, then, compared to say a lot of bobcats that are light in the front.

I am very happy with my 160. I am not saying that there is nothing better but I do not feel that it is missing anything.

Stay away from the LS180s. I had a ’03 and got ear infections from the loud moaning. A test with a sound meter showed 110dB – an airplane engine is 140dB. New Holland bought mine again and I bought an LS185.b that has a totally different pump and transmission system – no whining, but the engine is loud having a closed cab. By the way, a two-speed 180 is even louder in high gear.

Is it just one thing with the New Holland LS180s? Or is it normal with all New Hollands, regardless of the model? I assume the noise has to do with the transmission system, correct? Because I haven’t noticed it with the engine (while playing with the throttle) as much as when driving it. Would it help to wear some kind of hearing protection? Trust me, I’d much prefer a newer model, but with the economy the way it is, I really don’t want a huge payout on equipment. The one I looked at was a 2000 with about 3000hrs and the price was good. The hydros seemed very strong on him and so did the hydros on the arms and the machine worked well.

From what you were saying in your previous post, that’s what the dealer’s salesperson was telling me, as far as the gears are working, so I could see it’s a little louder. I know the LX885 is the model before the LS180, are they the same in terms of that noise too? What are the LX885 like? Basically I’m only going to use it for an hour or so here and there on job sites to move our boxes of material when needed, so it’s not like I’m using it all day, every day like a bulldozer would be. The only time you would use it for a long time is when you use it to remove snow.

So I think what I have to think about is, can I handle that whiny noise for a while here and there. I’ll be lucky if I put 100-200hrs a year on it. The one I tried and was interested in worked very smoothly, without shaking. I will say, used New Holland are hard to find around here, and from the others, I have seen and tested, this one seemed to be in top shape. I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but it is a 2000 with about 3000hrs on it.

Originally, they wanted $ 14k for it, but are willing to go down to the $ 11k range. It’s a good offer? Most of the others I have seen and the price is 3500+ hrs and is more like $ 13,500- $ 15k. By the way, I appreciate all your help so far!

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