Skid steer, Newholland LS 180

Skid steer, Newholland LS 180 Problems

A good friend asked me what I know about New Holland LS180 (NH LS180) skid steers. It’s not much, but I know people who know.
The machine you are looking at is a 2001 LS180, 67hp three cylinder diesel (made in England – is it a Perkins?), 4500 hours, solid tires, comes with tracks. When we go to see it, what kinds of things should we look for? What is a fair price range?
Any idea or suggestion is welcome.

Skid steer, Newholland LS 180 2

I can’t specifically answer that model, however my friend the tree trimmer has a 55 delux or a 550 delux, forget which one. It’s around 45 HP and pound for pound would put it against any Bobcat that has ever run that size.

I have taken out of the forest logs that probably weighed about 2500 pounds without problem, although I must add that with that weight you want to carry as low as possible.

We have an NH LS180 with more than 5000 hours of use. We use it a lot and it has held up very well. They are well built machines, quite easy to work with, the engines work well, the hydraulics are great. And the parts are not a problem to get them. The machine in that hour range usually goes for around 10K to 14K at a dealer’s retail. 10k to 12k from a private owner.

The tracks make for a totally different machine and are worth every penny spent. We have all the attachments and I would recommend a grapple, forks, along with the bucket, there is not much that cannot be done with one of these machines.

As for what to look for in a used machine, look at all the fluids and filters and see what condition they are in and judge by your car whether the machine was taken care of or not. look at the air filters and do the same. look for cracks near the pivot bolsters see if all the grease joints have taken on grease lately.

We just switched to solid tires last year and we like it so far (no flat binding is a good thing) 5000 hours is a lot of use to look at the machine very closely and see if it has been abused or well maintained. If I had to buy one again, I would look at them all, but it would favor NH.

We have an NH L185 and an L190. Excellent machines. I’m not sure of their year, but when we switched bobcats they were much easier to get on the motor than Bobcats. I can’t tell you about the price. Usually trading no later than 1500 hours. They hold their value well around here, because of the farmers.

Someone in the construction business told me you want a New Holland for lifting and hauling things, a Bobcat for digging. I do not know. We’ve done some serious digging and shoving with ours, with good results.

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