What to buy New Holland LS 180, Case or Gehl? It’s real problem

What to buy New Holland LS 180 Problems

I’m looking to buy my first minicadora and I need some tips. I think I have reduced New Holland LX885 or LS180, Case 70XT or GEHL 5635/6635. I’m going to work on the farm and on the wood with many hills / ravines running a brush cutter, moving trunks and heaps of brush, the classification of light. No work of “production” really serious. I have heard good things about the stability of New Holland, but bad things about the electrical problems that seem to never die.

How common are electrical problems with New Holland machines? A friend of mine has worked with CASE … good pieces and service and a cummins 3.9 apparently bulletproof, but to what extent are the CASE models stable (that is, hills and valleys)?

Gehl seems to be a solid machine and especially mechanical, what I like, but the pieces seem to be quite expensive and I’m not sure of the Deutz engines. It will only be an occasional use machine, but I need something reliable. I do not worry too much about comfort, since I will not live in it. Good stability is a must. Please, tell me what you think.

Gehl 4640

I have had enough LS180 and I have worked in others … there is no doubt that they have electrical problems from time to time. Super arms can be twisted more easily than radial lifting machines (be careful when picking up the weight in a corner of its cube), and the 3-cylinder engine tends to vibrate as the demon … Eat motor supports. However, it is a very capable machine for its weight. Many landscapes have them. The case and the gehl you mention are well-built bulls. The GEHL tend to be smooth in the hydraulic system … from time to time you will find a quiet one.

The deutz is a good and reliable engine. I have had some of the 5635 and 6635 and I like them. They are easy to work. The 5635 tends to be light on the nose and can lean over its rear (uploading a slight tilt) when you have the counterweight with any accessory on the front. Both 70XT and 56/66 35’s are overwhelmed and overpotent, capable of high hours with simple maintenance.

Any machine can have a wide stance that improves stability (using offset tires and spacers), but the LS180 and 6635 will be more stable than the 60xt and 5635 due to the longer wheelbase, I’m not sure I can say that Gehl’s pieces are more expensive than the others. I’m not looking at specs at the moment, but Gehl’s belly pan is pretty close to the ground (maybe 7 “). The other two may have more clearance, but it can be a moot point if you find a low machine. hour for a reasonable cost. You’ll probably want on the steel tire tracks in the woods too. Over and out for now.

I have an LS180 that has been very reliable except for the Lucas Delphi emissionized injection pump in it which I replaced at some effort with the previous CAV pump. The best I can say is that the older LX models are practically identical, paint aside, to the LS models in terms of chassis, loader and hydraulics. I have used mine on tree clearing and farm repair jobs and have had no boom twist issues and often reach full lift capacity.

I chose it over other brands because of parts availability as the three cylinder engine has been used in 3000 and 4000 series tractors for years and my local farm tractor dealer can get everything I need. The weight-to-lift ratio is also the highest of any brand of the time. I have had electrical problems but nothing too serious. I have bypassed the seat belt switch by cutting the belt sensor cable and installing a switch next to my left knee to fool the computer (must be done to release the hydraulic lock).

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